To get the best from windsurfing, indeed to get the best from most things in life, you have to take some risk. It is not different for your savings. If you take no risk you would expect dull returns. At MVAM we are no experts at windsurfing, (except for Vikki), but we are experts at investing. So we take calculated risks with money as windsurfers do with waves. We see that as our job.

We are clear and honest with the risk we take, and communicate your positions regularly and clearly. We believe we can achieve consistent returns because…


…we focus our portfolios and research, by holding a limited number of stocks. This way we can ensure that each position we hold has an impact on your returns.

We can do this because we have deliberately built an investment philosophy that identifies areas most likely to undergo change. Using our proprietary screening techniques we monitor market communications, pinpointing what we call “pressure points”. This makes us build you a portfolio of stocks fit for the world of tomorrow rather than reflect the world as it is today.

But we are never complacent because we realise things…



…always change. When the skies are blue and the sea is calm, it is always nice to put your feet up and relax. But we make sure we monitor the horizon for incoming squalls.

Because our portfolio managers know you as well as they know their investments, your portfolio can sail as close to the wind as is suitable. We invest directly into the markets, not using funds or platforms, meaning we can change tack quickly when things turn out unexpectedly.

You can relax in the sun while we keep an eye on the forecasts.