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Profile: from managing Brunei’s billions to Dorking’s pension pots

In a picturesque valley deep in the Surrey stockbroker belt, the former manager of a £5.5 billion fund has just shaken hands with a client whose assets amount to less than a third of the £50,000 minimum threshold.

‘We’re not going make any money out of him,’ Craig Harper concedes, before turning to a six-by-five-feet collage of the residents of Mole Valley hanging on the wall behind him. ‘But this is what it’s all about: helping people in the community.’

It is an exceptional case however, he adds, but only because Harper has to be realistic about the economics of business, having staff to pay.

In a business where the majority are motivated by…


Sue Whitbread talks to Craig Harper and Andrew Holder at MVAM

Looking for something different? Sue Whitbread talks to Craig Harper and Andrew Holder at Mole Valley Asset Management

It’s a crowded market for discretionary investment management, and it’s clear that one size does not fit all. Sue Whitbread talks to Craig Harper (pictured) and Andrew Holder of Mole Valley Asset Management, about what makes their relationship-based business appeal to advisers and their clients.

What’s different about MVAM? How do you add value for clients?

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Following on from our sucessful Investment Evening I have attached the video link for you to watch. I hope this gives everyone a flavour of the evening, and allows for a number of commentaries to suggest why our clients invest with MVAM. Should you wish for any further information, then please do give us a call, and watch our website for future events. I’d also like to thank Denbies Wine Estate for their continued support with hosting this, and future events. Watch it here. 


MVAM were delighted to welcome Clients and friends to the Christmas drinks held at Denbies Wine Estate last Thursday. Along with an excellent ‘Champagne and Beer’ tasting event with Denbies experts, we were all delighted to welcome our guest speakers, Justin Scarborough from Air Partner, and Mark Gifford from Game Digital. The two Company presentations were excellent and I hope, gave the collected assembly an insight and a feel of the sort of investments MVAM might, or have, in the managed portfolios. Crisp and sharp, just like the beverages, both Justin and Mark captivated the audience with an array of facts and figures of the worlds they operate in, as they are both market leaders in their fields.

These conferences and presentations, and drinks, will continue to focus upon companies and themes that are of interest to MVAM for current and future portfolio inclusion. We were delighted to see everyone and would like to thank all those that attended, and the Denbies Team that looked after us, for making such a memorable evening. Thank you.


The Govt will replace the notional dividend tax credit with a £5,000 allowance for all tax payers from April 2016. Those lucky individuals who get more than £5,000 in annual dividend payments will have to pay tax on that income. Tax rates depend upon the three main tax bands. Those who earn up to £31,785 will pay 7.5% on their dividend income above £5,000. Those who earn between £31,786 and £150,000 will pay 32.5% as now, and all those earning above will pay 38.1%, higher than the existing rate. This targets business owners who pay themselves via dividends as well as salaries to reduce their tax bill.

What to do?

1.Ensure you use your tax free annual dividend allowance.

2.Use your ISA.

3.Consider a SIPP.

Should you need help, please do call.


In short, after the successful Healthcare Conference in May, we wanted to repeat the format for the Retail Sector. We have asked 3 very interesting retail stocks to present their investment case, and how they are coping with the influx of new technology to the Sector, and changing consumer buying habits. After the presentations, once again we have asked Denbies to allow us to taste their Champagnes, and this time their craft beers brewed onsite. Something for everyone then! Save the date and further details will be announced shortly.