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We will build an investment portfolio that will match your risk return profile, whether that be cautious, low, moderate or adventurous. These assets will be in either a bespoke portfolio or an actively managed equity portfolio.



A portfolio should be diversified to withstand the pressure of rough market conditions. Bespoke portfolios are usually invested in three different asset classes, equities, fixed income and cash.

Our bespoke portfolios are designed to:

  1. Shield against a worst-case scenario
  2. Produce strong cash flow from dividends
  3. Have the potential for capital appreciation

Our definition of a bespoke portfolio is directly correlated to the situation and need of each individual client. A portfolio, which is created for a young businesswoman might not be diversified enough for a retired army officer. As you can imagine the situation and needs in this case are likely to be dramatically different.


While risks are spread across asset classes the biggest potential downside is that your capital is not guaranteed.

Why Mole Valley Asset Management?

Each portfolio is tailored to the client’s own risk profile. Our managers have experience of running multi-billion diversified portfolios successfully. Our own asset allocation model helps focus discussions on our positions and its results have stood the test of time.

Bespoke portfolios at MVAM can be either stand alone accounts or part of a SIPP, SSAS or NISA portfolio.


We Say…

Enabling a portfolio to be invested in different assets gives
the manager additional flexibility to reduce risk when markets become stressed.

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