3 Step Investment Guide


Contact Us. We will set up a meeting with the person who will become your investment manager. They will want to get to know you and your wishes.

After statutory identity checks we will ask you to confirm your happiness with the investment risk and strategy we suggest you take. When you are happy you will send us your money to be invested.

 STEP 2 

Congratulations, your money is invested. A stock and bonds portfolio that is individual to you is built. You will receive monthly reports to show performance and trades on your portfolio, a client log-in to view the portfolio on a daily basis and six monthly detailed reports.


You will have to help us keep up with the changes in your life, whether you move house, job or retire. It is important for us to know what’s happening to you so we can keep your investments relevant to your changing circumstances. On our part we will ask to meet you again when we feel it is right to re-examine our strategy for you.